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Jim shore Disney Traditions - Part of Your World.

I moved around my Disney Traditions collection today. And because I love her so very much, I thought I’d share my favourite ornament with my fellow Disnerds :) 


Figura Shimakaze Half-Damage Ver. figFIX Kantai Collection. Serie figFIX es nuevo concepto de la figura de Max Factory

Hoy presentamos el producto nuevo. De la serie Kantai Collection (KanColle o/y Kan Colle), figura Shimakaze versión Half-Damage se lanzará nueva serie de figura figFIX. figFIX es una nuevo producto de Max Factory.







Oh look it’s me again.

if i had a bf and he asked me to make a gif of us flexing and kissing i would stab him in the gut, leave town, and never look back

That shitty attitude might have something to do with why you are single.

look all i’m saying is that you’re painfully lame in a really sad, uncomfortable way. the secondhand embarrassment i feel for you two is a little overwhelming. if that means i gotta be single, its a cross i’ll gladly bear

What happened to you that turned you into such a nasty person.

A normal person don’t just attack random people. You must be lashing out for a reason.

Were you bullied as a child? Neglected by your parents? Low self esteem? There must be a reason behind this psychological defect. I hope get it fixed man. You can’t be very happy being a mean person.

Wow. Again just as I said a few moments ago, it never ceases to amaze me at how some people feel the need to feel offended or have issues over nothing.

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